Wednesday, October 17, 2012

$25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Giveaway!!!


We have officially teamed up with B& to provide a monthly drawing for the B&N $25.00 gift card.  Details are available by email at or by clicking the link at the top of our website.  Anyone who purchases Revelation, Bloodline, or Second Coming and provides First and Last name, mailing address and email along with proof of purchase during any calendar month is eligible.  Drawings are random and friends or family of MJ Mancini are not qualified to enter.  The winner will be announced the first day of each month.  You may enter as often as you wish as long as a new purchase receipt accompanies the application.

 Best wishes and Good Luck in the drawings!




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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excerpt from "Second Coming"

"The unadulterated love of a child can heal many wounds, but the scars left by losing one are immutable."

                   - MJ Mancini, "Second Coming"

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Excerpt from REVELATION by MJ Mancini:

The Beast depicted in the book of Revelation was alive and well. As the fifty-seventh elected leader of the Cavalieri di Satana, Lilith had every intention on going down in history as their finest leader, the capo di tutti cappi.  She was actually one of ten horns on the seven heads, Designed by the Prince of Darkness. She alone would achieve the highest honor known to the Cavalieri by hunting down and slaughtering the living vessel predestined by Christ himself for the Second Coming. 

For now, they would hold ritualistic sacrifices to keep the dark lord satiated.  The responsibility to perform the ancient ritual had fallen on her.  Until the true Vessel was discovered, young children would be taken each week and symbolically offered in this gruesome event. 


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"Sure to be the "must read" summer novel of 2012.", Ocean Book Review, January 2012
"Simply the best thriller of all time.  A must read!", Ocean Book Review

"Finally a book worth reading...I couldn't put it down!" Lucia Capobianco, Essex Book Review

"A page turner that keeps you on the edge of your seat." Nora Theile, Monmouth County Fiction Club.

"I can't tell where fact becomes fiction!  MJ Mancini's debut novel "Revelation" picks up where DaVinci Code left off." C. Dobbins, BrickHouse Literary Society 







Murder, intrigue, betrayal, and the holy church are twisted together in this spiralling epic to save the most important person in modern history.  Michael Gabriel Raphael is a devoted family man enjoying a placid lifestyle until a freak accident thrusts him into the ranks of the quasi famous.  A religious theologian from the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, Nicholas Nevsky, shares with Michael a hidden scroll written by Mary Magdalene prophesizing that Michael's daughter is the Holy Vessel Jesus Christ will use to walk the earth again.  Realizing his daughter is marked for death, their tranquil lifestyle is quickly transformed into a perilous quest.  The Cavalieri di Satana, a 2000-year-old secret society of devil worshipers will stop at nothing to prevent the Second Coming from taking place, including sacrificing her in a gruesome ritual to Satan to ensure Christ never returns.  Follow them on their high-stakes chase throughout Europe as the discover centuries old secrets, ancient societies and face certain peril in a world few dare to imagine.






Coming Soon, books two and three in the sizzling trilogy:

The exciting sequel and final installment of the Revelation Trilogy





About the Author


M.J.Mancini, born 1966 in Teaneck, N.J. to a single Italian mother, was raised at the Jersey Shore when the Shore was still greatly underdeveloped and pristine. An only child, he was forced to use his imagination to entertain himself. Now, drawing from a vast wealth of creativity, which permeates his writing, Mancini's become one of today's most identifiable authors. His trilogy, "Revelation", is a ground breaking thriller series depicting the second coming of Christ in our modern age. "Revelation" (the first book), "Bloodline" (the second) and "Second Coming" (the third) are riveting novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat. His unique ability to blend fact and fiction makes M.J. Mancini one of the most intriguing authors of our time.


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